Durable Glidden® Paint

Wear- and Tear-Resistant Interior Paint for
Kids' Rooms of All Kinds

Trust Glidden Complete, a stain blocking paint and primer in one, or Glidden High Endurance® paint to bring Disney magic to your child’s room.

These premium-quality paints are ideal for kids’ rooms due to their ultra durable formula. Disney and Glidden make super-fun spaces easy to create and tough enough to last.

Take your pick of 112 unique and exclusive Disney paint colors. For a designer look, combine multiple paint colors in one room. Because Disney’s collection of colors is grouped into palettes suitable for different stages of childhood, there are endless options. Your child will outgrow many things, but never the magic of Disney. Click here to start designing.

*Colorants added to this base paint may increase VOC level significantly depending on color choice.

Family-Friendly Benefits

  • Durable and scrubbable
  • No VOC*
    • Virtually odor-free during application
    • Fast-drying
    • Easy to clean up with soap and water when wet
  • Available in 112 unique Disney paint colors in flat, eggshell/satin and semi-gloss sheens
  • Mildew-resistant